User friendly software at a reasonable cost, good technical support and personal friendly contact, are our keys to success.

  Good technical support means we listen to users, implement suggestions and keep improving our products.



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Biotronic offers user friendly software tools for all aspects of Audiology, from Industrial Screening to Hearing Aid, Diagnostic Audiology to Hearing Aid Fitting Practice Management. Our software and hardware are used in a large number of sites around Australia and some around the world. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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The July 2019 updates are ready for download.

Remote Technical support is now available via TeamViewer.
A very simple way to help you remotely, by seeing what you see on your screen while chatting on the phone.

New Address and Contact number:
To contact us, send e-mail to or to             

     Tel  (02) 9592-4603,     Intl (+612) 9592-4603