The Micro Booth
This soundproof booth is designed specifically for audiometric testing in industrial and diagnostic test environments.
The booth's acoustic design eliminates outside noise for accurate onsite audiometric assessment tests. It is a portable, relocatable solution for acoustic testing in industrial situations.
The booth is mounted on heavy duty casters. It can be wheeled in and will fit through a normal door.
The table in front of the window can be removed if required. The pre-assembled booth can be shipped on a 4 x 4 foot pallet to your door.

The booth has been tested by the CSRIO in accordance with the AS/NZS 1269.4: 1998 and has met all requirements.

Standard model (Right-hand hinges)

Width   1050mm
Depth   810mm
Height  1995mm (2 metres)
Weight 370kg

Special order (Left-hand hinges)

Design Features (Both models shown)
· High performance noise reduction
· Easily relocatable
· Positive door seal
· Instrument jack panel
· Double glazed viewing window
· Internal light and ventilation fan
· Heavy duty Castors and carpet
· Will fit through a normal sized door
· Removable external shelf for Audiometer
· Earth Leakage circuit
· Compression door handle
· Designed and manufactured in Australia
· The door can be temporarily removed to fit through a door 765mm wide

Available with right-hand hinges (image above) or left-hand hinges (image on the right). Default is right-hand hinges as shown above.

· External construction of 1.6 Zinc Sheeting
· Internal construction of 11% perforated metal
· Die-cast Hinges
· Removable castor wheels

Shipping can be made with back-lift fitted truck for easy unloading if necessary

There is a 4 to 5 weeks production and delivery time.

Technical Support
One year warranty.

Payment modality is within 30 days

Micro Booth (Inc GST) $7480.00
Delivery cost (depends on location) Please call
Delivery time Approx. 4-5 weeks

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