The Audiometer MA25e
The MA 25e is a fully digital Automatic / Manual Screening Audiometer. It is simple to use both in manual and automatic mode.



The MA25e offers a full range of testing opportunities (Manual and Automatic test). Frequencies range from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz and signal intensities run from -10 dBHL to 100 dBHL. Pure, pulse and warble tone make it complete. Includes Hughson-Westlake Automatic test and electronic data transfer via USB to computer. Very easy to use and highly configurable.

The MA25e interfaces directly with the Workplace Audiometerics software via a standard USB port.

<- Image shows the MA25e with a Peltor Headset

Standard accessories: Power supply, noise excluding headset and Peltor Headset

Other headsets are available as well. Check this page to find out

Choice of headsets

The Software
The Workplace Audiometrics software will take the boredom out of mass Audiometry testing, reduce the chances of error and provide the employers with a workable Hearing Conservation Scheme. Price includes a free 6 month technical support.

The Package can manage the following:
  1- Employee's personal data
  2- Employment history
  3- Medical history
  4- Hearing Test data
  5- Hearing protector
  6- Re-test management

  7- Bone / Spirometry / Tymp (selectable)

It produces comparative Reports to indicate the onset of Hearing Loss and save on hefty compensation claims.
Reports are available to cover established standards in Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada.
Data Test results are stored separately from personal, demographic and medical data so that an unlimited number of tests can be stored for each employee.

See the Software page for more details


The software will operate on any PC computer with all versions of Windows up to Windows 10

Software available within a few days, audiometer may take up to 3 weeks

Technical Support
Audiometer: One year warrant, return to base
Software    : Six month free technical support, renewable on a yearly basis

Payment modality is within 30 days

Workplace Audiometrics single user + MA25e with Peltor headset Package $5610.00 plus freight
Freight ~ $50.000
Upgrade to multi-user software version (unlimited access per physical site) $360.00
Additonal one year technical support (including update CD) $286.00
Prices valid from November 2018


Prices may be subject to changes due to fluctuations in overseas currency rates, it is advisable to phone us for verification.

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