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We have been involved since 1983 in writing Audiological software with the help of a number of audiologists, audiometrists and and hearing aids manufacturers. The following software is the result of this cooperation.

Our software is continuously updated to reflect changes in regulations and respond to customer requests and suggestions. You can visit the Download > Update page to see when the latest update was made available.

Software to calculate the percentage loss of hearing Percentage Loss Calculator
Software to manage hearing tests in the workplace or for pre-employment Workplace Audiometrics
Simple electronic claiming software for hearing aid fitting Claim Wizard
More advanced electronic claiming software for hearing aid fitting Claim Wizard Professional
Complete Hearing aid practice management software with electronic claiming, designed to minimise labour and automate every process

Fitting Wizard Pro

User manual

V-Server Virtual Server for Fitting Wizard, allowing access  from anywhere, no capital investment, only a small monthly fee, provides data security, backup etc.
Advanced Diagnostic Audiometry software for clinics and hospital Diagnostic Wizard
ma25E Audiometers suitable for screening and diagnostic audiometry Audiometers
ma25E Screening software & Audiometers package Software + Audiometer Package
Optometry Practice Management Software Optometrics





















Visit the Download - Demo page for demonstration copies of the software
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