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Percentage Loss

Demo video

Calculate the percentage loss and print result with thresholds and graph in 2 formats: Insurance & Compensation work.
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Workplace Audiometrics

Malaysian Version

Tutorial videos

Screening audiometry for the Industry, Doctors, ENT or schools. Includes the percentage loss calculation. Reports include Australian Standard, Victorian Reg 2017.3.2, OSHA, Rio Tinto reports, Call center operators, Commercial vehicule, Train and Tram drivers, the New Zealand standards and Western Australia form 411. All reports can be previewed, printed or exported to pdf or Excel. There are specific reports for other countries like USA, Canada and Malaysia
This is the current version for 2019
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Claim Wizard


Very basic OHS Claim software. Allow storage of Clients and Claims. Includes E-Claiming facility.
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Claim Wizard Pro
Includes the functionality of the Claim Wizard plus Visits, Hearing aids, Notes, batteries and a letter mailing system.
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Fitting Wizard Pro


Complete Hearing Aid practice management Software. Includes the functionality of the Claim Wizard and Wizard Pro combined, plus invoicing, accounting, appointment manager, To-do List, CRM (customer management Relationship), automated client letter and email system with spell checker, automated Battery & Maintenance renewal and SMS. This is a fully fledge Hearing Aid Fitting Practice management software, with accounting facility all built in, and easy to learn & use. Plus great support. Latest release for 2019.
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Diagnostic Audiometry

  Diagnostic Audiometry Software with Air / Bone conduction, Speech, Tympanometry, OAE, BOE, BERA, ENG and VEMP. Include Notes, To-do list and Report logging. The manual is included as a pdf file.

  Optometry Practice Management Software. The manual is included as file called Manual.pdf.

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The operation manuals are included in each download, in a file called Manual.pdf. You will need Acrobate reader to read this file (can be downloaded at no cost from )
Windows versions:
The above software products operate properly on all versions of Windows from 95 to Windows 10 and Windows server, as well it will operate properly on the cloud, see the Habitat-3 V-Server option on the product page.
Uninstalling: Each software is completely self contained and does not alter any of your Windows settings or Registry files. Therefore it can be completely uninstalled by deleting the folder in which it is installed.
It is recommended that you read the Readme file presented at the end of the installation process.
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